Open Mic poetry evening with special guest Nabin Kumar Chhetri

Nabin Kumar Chhetri comes from Nepal where he started writing poetry at a very early age. He graduated with a degree of M.Litt in Novel from the University of Aberdeen. He has received awards in Italy, Israel and Nepal for his poems. He is the member of the International Writers Association and World Congress of Poets (USA). He has edited an international poetry magazine called The O, which features writers from Japan, USA, Spain, India, Nepal etc. He has published internationally  in Apple Valley Review(Canada), Forge Journal (UK), Weyfarers(UK), Ricepaper Magazine(Canada), Penny Dreadful(USA), The Sun(India), Nosside Poetry Anthology 2010(Italy), Quest(India), Spinny Babbler(Nepal), Mawaheb( Canada), Poetry Quarterly(China), Fade Poetry Journal. ( UK), Cynic magazine, New York ( US), Tower Journal(US), Poetic Justice – Amnesty International Anthology( Scotland), Featured Poet of the week in Poetry Super Highway(US), Taj Mahal Review( India), Revival ( Ireland), Reverie Poetry Journal (US), Sixers Review(US), The Essence(UK), The Kathmandu Post(Nepal), Red Ochre Lit Journal (US) and Nosside Poetry Anthology 2011(Italy)., further details when we get them.


In BINI, Nabin Chhetri has created a poetic world of singular originality where landscape and memory are invoked equally with exact, clear-sighted detail and a rare meditative kind of charge. His poetry speaks of endurance – of the imagination and of feeling, the separations of distance and the long-lived associations of home. Chhetri’s power lies in his painstaking and loving exactitude, like the long afternoon spent ‘collecting one by one/all that was lost/in the name of home.’ – Jane Draycott, Senior Tutor, Master of Studies in Creative Writing, Oxford University

BINI is a remarkable and elemental work of corporeal power and lyricism. Firmly grounded in the terrain of several lands and the kinship of several cultures this poetry draws upon varying climes of the natural world and the perfect details of mortal humanity. – Kevin McGrath, Harvard University
Here is poetic storytelling at its best by a writer whose command of detail brings every page alive with astonishing richness and clarity, and with it, an ability to spark the imaginations and emotions of his readers in a unique way. An enthralling debut.’ – Jenny Lewis, Tutor for Poetry, Oxford University

Poetry Evening – Open Mic with Special Guest Poet Martin Malone

Poetry Evening – Friday 26th  2016  –  7pm to 9pm

With Special Guest Martin Malone
Introduced by North East Writers

You are invited to another Open Poetry Night at Better Read Books. Bring a poem or two of your own or by published authors to read, or if you prefer you can just come to listen. This time we welcome poet Martin Malone to the guest spot.

Refreshments will be served as usual.

Born in County Durham, Martin Malone now lives in Scotland. He has published two poetry collections: “The Waiting Hillside” (Templar, 2011) and “Cur” (Shoestring, 2015). An Honorary Research Fellow in Creative Writing at Aberdeen University, he is currently studying for a Ph.D in poetry at Sheffield University. He edits “The Interpreter’s House” poetry journal.

Isobel Jackson – Booksigning – Debut Novel “Her Sister’s Gift”

Saturday 27th February 1pm to 3pm

Isobel Jackson is a local author, this is her debut novel.
The story starts around the turn of the twentieth century in a foundry-man’s cottage in Falkirk. Isa, a sensitive girl, only eleven, is quickly catapulted into adulthood after the tragic death of her sister for which she blames herself.

Her mother dies soon after and Isa has to look after her two younger sisters. When the Great War breaks out her father signs up, although in a reserved occupation, and puts the two youngest girls in a home while Isa trains for domestic service. She is employed by an aristocratic family in London and excels in assisting the cook.

After her father returns from the war, suffering from shell shock, the family are reunited in Falkirk and Isa shortly meets and marries Peter. But all her life she has carried the burden of guilt regarding her sister’s death. It has created an underlying angst within her that breaks out in nightmares, outbursts of anger and insecurity in all her relationships.

When she discovers Peter’s affair, she is brought to breaking point. How is she going to make her life work?

Book Binding at Better Read Books

The entire family are registered members of the Society of Bookbinders but each of us has their own speciality that they are most comfortable with.

Book repairs are normally undertaken by either Bill or Pamela, we will be uploading an album of their repair work soon.

Custom bindings are normally Euan’s cup of coffee, he also undertakes commission re-bindings for some customers as well as just for the joy of book binding.

Book Press 1

For more about book repairs


Hidden Aberdeenshire – The Land – Book Signing

Book Signing of Dr Fiona -Jane Brown’s new book, published by Black & White of Edinburgh.

“Hidden Aberdeenshire: the Land”

Features stories and legends from the landward region of the Shire, including tragedies, murders, castle-burnings, fugitives, and horrors! The folk of the land truly seem to be a wild lot!

Oil Strike North Sea – Presentation and Q&A by author Mike Shepherd

Written from a Scottish perspective, oil industry insider Mike Shepherd gives an authentic and full account of an industry constantly pitted against the elements. His experience as a geologist with expertise in locating the remaining oil in existing fields, exploring for oil and assessing the viability of new fields placed him on the front line of this extraordinary endeavour. This is a book which tells of the setbacks, the many successes and above all the human story of the effort to get the nation’s oil out of the ground. North Sea oil is a story of big money, big engineering, a few spectacular failures and many great achievements. But above all, it’s the story of the men and women that made it happen.

A far more professional review can be found at The National Newspaper review

Booksigning – Walking the Line – Saturday 18 July 2015 13:00–15:00

Walking the Line: A Curious Walkers guide to the Formartine and Buchan Way describes what can be seen on and near the Way..
You will be surprised how interesting the walk can be and just how much there is to find.
The Formartine and Buchan Way is the long distance footpath following the disused railway line linking the fishing ports of Fraserburgh and Peterhead with Aberdeen.
It traverses the heartlands of rural Aberdeenshire, a land of prehistoric monuments, medieval castles, ruined churches and abbeys, scenes of ferocious religious conflicts, Jacobite strongholds, abandoned mills, the planned villages and elegant mansions of the improving lairds and the only hill carvings in Scotland.
A valuable wild life corridor, the Formartine and Buchan Way is now a rich habitat for wild flowers, birds and mammals.
The book will be of interest to those who recall the days before the closure of the line as well as those who enjoy its recreational facilities.

Janet will be at Better Read Books on Saturday 18th July between 1-3 pm signing the new book ISBN 9780902343283 at £9.90