Past Mortems – Carla Valentine – Author Gift Rebinding



Our client was of the opinion that the book was worthy of a custom hardback conversion and handed the project on to Euan.

There are two main issues with these sort of conversions, first the binder has to determine what kind of binding technique has been used for the text block which can determine which methods of rebinding are available. The supplied paperback issue was bound using the dreaded “perfect binding” technique which is generally the most common in mass produced books nowadays as it reduces costs. This meant that fewer possible techniques could be used for the rebinding but it was decided to go for a sawn in cord in the spine to hopefully increase the longevity of the text block.

After removal of the adhesive used in the text block, cords are sawn in at a variety of places and expanded into the fibers of the paperĀ  to increase text block cohesion.

The second main issue is deciding on the new design of the book cover, fortunately the cover design was excellent already so it was decided to keep to the general theme. Given the preserved hand in a specimen jar of the front cover it seemed in keeping to make a glass fronted hardcover with the “hand” seemingly suspended within.

Title work done in silver foil.

Next issue, what to do with the back cover design, we decided to go for an inset of hand marbled paper as close to an anatomical heart as we could manage. This involved first hand carving the main vessels of the heart into the back greyboard to provide a more three dimensional effect to the inset. Overall it turned out not too badly.

Our resulting binding came out like this

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