Book Launch – “Ghosts of the Dardanelles” by Alan Barker


The military debacle that was the Dardanelles campaign of 1915 is the backdrop for a new novel by Ellon author Alan James Barker.
Following his highly acclaimed war novels ‘Sacrifice of Innocents’ and Spoils of the Eagle’ this local author has achieved another well crafted tale in ‘ Ghosts of the Dardanelles’.
The story follows two brothers , long separated by the emigration of eldest, who are drawn together by their involvement in the bloody & hapless landings at Gallipoli one with the Anzac Corps, the other with the British Army. The unfolding tragedy for both sides in this war coupled to the interwoven sub plot of an Armenian deserter Artoune Seferian in his quest to return to Anatolia has the smack of reality that comes from meticulous research and great storytelling.

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